5 Tips for Self-Isolation During COVID-19

Get Active

Self-isolation comes with sitting at home for long hours and it can be easy to get lazy in front of the TV. However, doing this for long periods of time will affect your mind and body. During times of isolation with very minimal daily movement, it is even more important that you are getting active. You can do this by getting in a quick 30-minute home workout before you start your morning! This will keep you motivated and will help release stress during this uncertain time!

Learn that Skill

More often than not, we do not make enough time to learn or practice that skill that we want to learn with our busy schedules! Whether that is learning how to bake, play the piano or mastering the Rubik’s cube you can use your down time to learn something new. With many resources online you can virtually learn any skill that peaks your interest.

Stay In Touch

During this time of uncertainty, make sure you stay connected with the ones you love. Take some time to check up on your friends and family via a text or phone call as this is a stressful time for many. Physical distancing should not stop you from connecting with those you love; just remember to connect online!

Focus on Hygiene

To prevent the spread of COVID-19 everyone plays a vital role in minimizing the spread of the virus. Focus on hygiene by washing your hands regularly and maintaining cleanliness. You should also focus on sanitizing high contact areas such as doorknobs, car handles and especially your cell phone. Studies show that the virus can live on surfaces for several hours; keep Lysol wipes on hand and clean these areas regularly!

Get Some Sunlight

As the quarantine is predicted to last longer than a few weeks, it is important that you are getting enough fresh air and sunlight each day. Open your windows to let the fresh air in or go on a short walk around your neighborhood. This will uplift your mood and will give you a change of scenery.

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