Tips to Stay Productive When Working from Home in Mississauga

Schedule tech-free time

When working from home in Mississauga, it is easy to get caught up with technology for what feels like the entire day! Overconsumption of technology is unhealthy as it strains your eyes and can be stressful for the mind. Schedule two 20-minute periods in your calendar each day to disconnect and recharge away from your technology. Try having a coffee break or going on a walk without your phone!


Dress for the day

When getting ready for the workday, start by changing out of your pajamas! Opt for comfortable clothes but not PJs. This will help your mind feel like you are getting ready for the day as you typically would. You will also notice that you will be more productive by doing this!


Make a To-Do list

Having a to-do list will make sure that you are making progress and getting things done. Also, crossing completed tasks off the list will be very satisfying and keep you going! Have a to-do list on hand and add or remove tasks as you go. You can create one on your phone or create a classic paper and pen list!


Have a working space

When working from home, ensure that you are not working in your bed. If possible designate a separate room in which you do your work. This will help your mind take on the role that is needed based on the space you are in! If you cannot allocate a separate room for work you can also have a designated table you use when working from home.


Create Routine

Routine is very important when it comes to creating success and good habits. When working from home, it is easy to let your daily routine fade. However, put practices in place that creates a sense of routine each day. Examples include doing your regular morning routine, scheduling workout time or can simply be signing off at 5pm.


Enjoy your time at home

Being in the office can often be boring and repetitive. Use your time working from home to add things to your workday that keep you interested and motivated. Try playing your favorite playlist in the background or lighting a candle! Make sure you have fun and incorporate all the things you love when working from home!

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